Watch Naya Mousa and Nataly Mousa at XoBrooklynne Single Release Party Red Carpet

This post will show you the most recent outings, sightings, red carpet highlights of the famous and gorgeous “Naya Mousa and Nataly Mousa”.

The gorgeous ladies were recently spotted at the “XoBrooklynne Single Release Party Red Carpet” looking beautiful as always showing us their outstanding looks.

“Actress Naya Abou Mousa @naya.mousaa, TikTok star Nataly Abou Mousa @nataly.mousaa on the red carpet at Brooklynne Webb’s ‘My Crown’ single release party, presented by LiveOne and streamed exclusively on LiveXLive, held at a Private Residence in Beverly Hills, California USA on December 13, 2021 Background music by Digital Juice’s StackTraxx Vol 45 ‘Armchair Psychology”

Reported by MaximoTV on YouTube

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Watch the red carpet highlights of “Naya Mousa, Nataly Mousa “XoBrooklynne Single Release Party” Red Carpet” below.