Watch Good Sam Season 1 Episode 3 Titled “Butt of the Joke” – HD Promo Released

The promotional trailer for the upcoming Good Sam Season 1 Episode 3 titled “Butt of the Joke” has been released by the CBS, the episode airs next Wednesday at 10:00pm only on the CBS channel.

This promo trailer for “Good Sam season 1 episode 3 titled “Butt of the Joke” (HD) Sophia Bush, Jason Isaacs series” was uploaded by TVPromosDB on their YouTube channel, more details about this promo trailer for can be found below.

“Good Sam 1×03 “Butt of the Joke” Season 1 Episode 3 Promo – When Dr. Sam Griffith (Sophia Bush) refuses to concede her role as chief, her father Griff (Jason Isaacs) orchestrates a costly surprise. Also, Sam’s mother, hospital administrator Vivian (Wendy Crewson), turns to her new spouse, therapist Asher Pyne (Sendhil Ramamurthy), for help navigating the battle between her daughter and ex-husband, on the CBS Original series GOOD SAM, Wednesday, January 19th on CBS, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.

Watch Good Sam Wednesdays at 10pm on CBS » Starring: Sophia Bush, Jason Isaacs, Edwin Hodge, Skye P. Marshall, Michael Stahl-David, Davi Santos, Omar Maskati, Wendy Crewson”

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Watch Good Sam Season 1 Episode 3 Titled “Butt of the Joke” – HD Promo