Unlimited Money Cheat in FS22 Guide – PC, Xbox, PS4 – Farming Simulator 22

This guide is about Farming Simulator 22 and it will show you how to get Unlimited Money in FS22 for PC, Xbox, PS4.

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FS22 Unlimited Money For PC

  1. Start the FS22 Game.
  2. Now create a save game.
  3. Quit the Game.
  4. Go into Installation Folder of FS22.
  5. Go into the save game folder, the save game you’ve just created a while ago.
  6. Find a file named Farms.xml.
  7. Make sure to create a backup of this file before doing anything.
  8. Open the file named Farms.xml in Notepad.
  9. Use Ctrl+F key in Notepad, another tab will appear, type “Money” in it and click on Find button, it should be on 3rd line.
  10. Change the default values, add more zeroes to it.
  11. Save the file, close Notepad.
  12. Start the game again.
  13. Load the save game and there you go.
  14. You are rich!

We will update the PS4, Xbox etc trick soon, stay with us!