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Play 100 Percent of Return to Monkey Island Game Content by Selecting High Difficulty

To play 100 percent of game content in Return to Monkey Island video game, you will have to select high difficulty mode because the selected difficulty level affects the level of complexity and the number of puzzles.

Save Your Game from Time to Time

In Return to Monkey Island , you do not have to worry about the risk of the main character’s death, but you may, for example, miss an opportunity to get an achievement related to a specific activity.

It’s best to save your game to a new slot in each new area you visit and at the beginning of each chapter.

How to Fast Walk in Return to Monkey Island?

To fast walk in Return to Monkey Island, this is done by pressing the left mouse button twice. This will allow you to move around the locations faster and can sometimes be really useful in the game.

How to Highlight Objects or Items in Return to Monkey Island?

To highlight objects or research and pick up items, and characters to talk to. In the PC version of Return to Monkey Island video game, the TAB key is used for this. You don’t have to “hunt pixels” to locate a small item.

How to Complete Prologue in Return to Monkey Island?

Prologue is an introduction to the actual adventure, in which the protagonists are Boybrush and his friend Chuckie. The main characters must, inter alia, get a Scurvydogs snack and find the parents.

How to Complete A Friendly Place in Return to Monkey Island?

Meet the Pirate Leaders

This is the start of the game as Guybrush Threepwood. The main character returns to the island of Melee in the hope of completing the crew and stopping LeChuck. You need to talk to the Pirate Leaders for this.


The first main objective in this chapter is to construct a mop and to do that you will have to get the handle and the tip, and you have to solve the puzzles about apologizing to Governor Carla and use the map for the Mop Tree in the forest.

How to get a Disguise?

Getting a disguise is the second main objective of the chapter known by the name of ‘A Friendly Place’ in Return to Monkey Island video game, it is Jon Laney’s Eyepatch.

To be continued…

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