The Afterparty – All 8 Gifts Locations Guide – Genshin Impact

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“The Afterparty Genshin Impact. How to do The Afterparty Genshin Impact event. You can complete Genshin Impact The Afterparty Fecunf Blessings following this video guide. 00:00 The gift is near the main entrance to Dawn Winery 00:43 Stand at the door of the greatest hunter in Springvale 01:25 festive flower basket at the house due south of Dawn Winery 02:01 I left a present at The Symbol of Mondstadt’s Hero 02:57 The present is near Windrise inside a red adventurer’s tent 03:45 My gift is on the cliff face at the waterfall 04:35 One may search far and wide Gift right by the starting point 05:27 Just follow your nose Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed by miHoYo.”

WoW Quests wrote via YouTube

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