Updated – Sowing and Harvesting of Grains in FS22 Guide – Farming Simulator 22

This guide will explain how to sow, grow and harvest grains such as wheat, canola, soybeans, oat, barley and sorghum in FS22 video game, originally known as Farming Simulator 22 video game.

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Equipment Guide for Grains in FS22 – Farming Simulator 22

To start sowing, growing and harvesting of grains in Farming Simulator 22 video game, firstly you need equipment, have a look at what kind of equipment you need for grains below.

  1. You need tractor for using almost all the tools for farming.
  2. You need cultivator that must be attached to tractor and used for cultivating the fields.
  3. You need seeder, that must be attached to the tractor for sowing grains.
  4. And of course you need seeds, that can be bought in the game.
  5. Fertilizer spreaders are also needed for spreading fertilizers to the fields.
  6. And of course, fertilizers and lime to increase the yield.
  7. Weeder is needed for getting rid of weeds, if you do not get rid of weeds, this also decrease the yield so it is good to have a weeder in your garage as well.
  8. And you need harvester for harvesting grains such as wheat, canola, soybeans, oat, barley, sorghum in FS22 video game.
  9. And lastly, you need a trailer for transportation of harvested crops etc for selling or storing purposes etc.

Please note: Do not speed up the time when you’re working in the fields, use real-time during working.

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