Updated – Sony is Making a Controller for Mobile Gaming

Sony’s Japanese division has recently published a patent which looks similar to PS4’s Dualshock 4 controller but it is for mobile gaming, well thats what it looks like though.

More details about this can be found below, please take a look right now.

“If such a device comes to fruition, it could be used in conjunction with a smart phone to play PlayStation games via Remote Play or via the cloud, similar to how third-party controller grips can currently be used to play streamed Xbox games.”

VGC said.

According to the same post by VGC, Sony is also planning to bring some of their “Iconic IPs” to mobile gaming by early 2022.

“In terms of practical applications, this hardware could be used to allow you to play PlayStation games via a console’s Remote Play functionality, or stream them via the cloud (a la Xbox Cloud Gaming). If Sony is serious about pushing the likes of PlayStation Now to contend with the well-marketed force of Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming, this device could be a good way for the Japanese company to get its foot in the door.”

VG247 said.