PS5 Will Keep Running Games Even if its CMOS Battery Dies

Sony has prepared PlayStation 5 better for the future. The console keeps running games even if it loses its CMOS battery.

A few months ago, there were reports on the web that older consoles, including PlayStation 3, may stop launching games after their CMOS batteries run out. Fortunately, Sony has “dealt” with this problem by extending the availability of PSN for PS3, PSP, and PS Vita, and as we have just found out, in the case of PlayStation 5 a similar inconvenience will never occur.

The Hikikomori Media team conducted a small investigation, the results of which you can see below. It shows that the PS5 is able to run games (digital and boxed) even when its CMOS battery runs out, or it will be removed in some way. As CMOS is a very important component of any console, the death of the battery backing up the system means that most platforms are simply unusable.

Fortunately, the aforementioned ailment does not apply to PlayStation 5, although it is not the case that we will run everything we have in the library. Boxed and electronic games will actually work, but we won’t be able to launch titles earned with PlayStation Plus subscriptions. They require a working CMOS battery and will not fire without it.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that PlayStation 4 also becomes useless after the death of the CMOS battery and in the absence of access to the PlayStation Network.