New World Lost 500,000 Players in a Month

New World doesn’t have such great results anymore. Since its premiere, the game has lost as many as half a million players.

The dust after the premiere of New World has subsided and the enthusiasm for the game is slowly fading away. It turns out that the MMO from Amazon Games is losing players very quickly. We know about this process thanks to the Steam Charts service, which provides information on the number of active users of individual titles available on the Valve platform.

At the time of its debut, New World met with enormous interest, as evidenced by the fact that the game was launched by 913,000 players. Unfortunately, more than half of them no longer use Amazon’s MMO. According to statistics, the production lost about 500,000 users. As a result, the average number of players launching it in the last 30 days is “only” 371,000.

New World lost 500,000 players in a month - Illustration # 1

The decline is clearly visible in the charts provided by Steam Charts. From week to week, New World was losing the interest of more players. Despite this, at the time of writing, the game was the fifth most popular title on Steam.

This situation certainly does not mean that Amazon’s MMO is facing imminent death. The drop in the number of players had to come sooner or later – it was simply impossible to maintain such high interest on the day of release. Only the size of this phenomenon is surprising.

The endless problems of New World may have contributed to the resignation of some players. It is enough to mention various bugs, among which we can find ways to immortality or duplicate gold. The specter of the economic crisis in the game world, which worries some users, cannot be ignored either. The creators from Amazon Games have to deal with these difficulties as soon as possible so that the number of players abandoning production does not increase even more.