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This guide will show you how to meet with pirate leaders in Return to Monkey Island video game.

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Once you have began the very first chapter of Return to Monkey Island video game, you will find your playable character which is Guybrush Threepwood, to be landing on Melee Island.

Guybrush Threepwood will become a playable character, returning to Melee Island.

You start at a well-known viewpoint and can talk to the lookout.

It is best to complete all topics of conversation with the lookout.

Follow the patch which will lead you to the docks and head inside the entrance to SCUMM Bar, once you are inside, find the Trivia Book.

It is an optional activity, however Trivia Book will help you with collecting the collectibles cards etc.

They will test your knowledge of Monkey Island, secrets are well hidden, but the option of highlighting interactive items in a given location (TAB key) helps to locate them.

You can open the book in your inventory and answer the questions on the cards (the first one is already in it at the start), but you only have 1 chance to answer correctly and even reloading the game will not “recover” the card.

Head over to your right to talk to the young Pirate Leaders.

Choose any reason why they would finance your trip however, you will always be refused.

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