Making of a Monarch Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

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“Making of a Monarch Disney Dreamlight Valley guide shows how to make Teriyaki Salmon, Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie, gather the materials for the Sunbird Feeders, palce the Sunbird Feeders near the Pond on the Sunlit Plateau, feed Flowers to the Sunbirds and the Scar friendship level 10 reward Volcanic Stove.


00:00 The Making of a Monarch Start

00:36 Teriyaki Salmo & Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie

04:16 Give the Meals to Scar & Talk to Merlin

05:19 Gather the Sunbird Feeders Materials

07:29 Place the Sunbird Feeders Near the Pond

08:40 Feed Flowers to the Sunbirds

09:48 Complete the Quest

11:55 Volcanic Stove

12:58 Outro #disneydreamlightvalley #dreamlightvalley”

Gosunoob wrote via YouTube

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