Its My Jam Trophy Guide – Far Cry 6 All 15 Hidden USB Songs Music Locations

This post is about a video game guide, it will show you how to find All the Hidden Music or 15 hidden USB Songs locations in Far Cry 6 video game – this guide will help you earn It’s My Jam Trophy in the game, more details about this guide are listed below.

This guide was uploaded by PS5Trophies on their YouTube channel, and if you’re stuck anywhere in this video game, let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, have a look at the guide about “All the Hidden Music in Far Cry 6 | All 15 USB Song Locations | It’s My Jam” below.

The video game Far Cry 6 has 15 extra songs that you can add to the in-game radio.

“Far Cry 6 contains 15 extra songs that can be added to the in game radio stations. Finding all 15 USB drives will also earn you the It’s My Jam trophy. In this video, I will show you each of their locations. Timeline: 0:00 intro 0:13 Hitboy by Duki 0:31 Pula De Tamarindo by Celia Cruz 0:48 What A Bam…”

PS5Trophies wrote via YouTube

So we have another video walkthrough uploaded by PowerPyx on YouTube that will help you earn It’s My Jam achievement in Far Cry 6 video game. Have a look below.

“There are 15 USB Sticks (USB Songs) Locations in Far Cry 6 for the That’s My Jam Trophy / Achievement. All USB Sticks can still be found after the story in free-roam, nothing is missable. USB Sticks Map: TIMELINE USB STICKS: Isla Santuario #1 – Hitboy – 0:00 Madrugada…”

PowerPyx wrote via YouTube

We’re very thankful to PS5Trophies and PowerPyx for helping gamers like you and me with guides and walkthroughs by showing us how to earn trophies and achievements and how to complete levels or missions in video games.