How to Get the Soothe Bell to Boost Friendship in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

This guide will show you the only method of finding the soothe bell in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

Start off by flying on over to heart home city and from the Pokemon center make your way down until the gate that leads you to route 212.

Once you pass through the gate over here you can go straight down until you find the entrance to the Pokemon mansion so just keep going over here.

You’ll see a bunch of cops that will only battle you at night time and then eventually you’ll find this uh this the edge of this like wall the stone wall and you can curve inside and go into the Pokemon mansion.

Which is run by Mr. Backlot as soon as you enter the building, you’re going to want to make a leftover here and there are a couple of rooms but you just want to go to the second one.

If you go in the second one over here you could talk to the maid and she will give you the soothe bell for free so that’s the only way of getting the soothe bell in Pokemon brilliant diamond shiny pearl.

Watch the video below for the visual guide.