How to Get Magma Cream in Minecraft Guide

Are you looking for Magma Cream in Minecraft video game? Well, we have found this guide which can be helpful with that.

This guide will show you how to get Magma Cream and how to use it in Minecraft video game.

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How to Get Magma in Minecraft

Cream of Magma is one of the most mysterious items in Minecraft and it can be found in Nether Dimension and to get it, you will have to make a portal to get access to Nether Dimension.

Once you’ve made a portal and you’re in Nether Dimension of Minecraft, following are the 2 places where it can be found.

  • Killing enemies in block form that spawn frequently in the basalt delta biome, ideally carrying a weapon with a loot enchantment.
  • In the different chests of the bastions, it can appear with high probability.

If you cannot get it, beware, there is another way of getting Magma by making it.

You’re going to need Slime Ball and Flame Powder to make Magma in Minecraft.

  1. Flame Powder can be found in the Nether by killing the Blaze found in the fortresses.
  2. Slime Ball can be found by killing these enemies that spawn mostly in the swamp biome.