How to Destroy or Demolish Stone Walls in Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV is going to launch tomorrow worldwide for PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming. We are here to bring the first-ever guide for the latest real-time strategy video game, Age of Empires 4.

Here, you will learn how to destroy or demolish the Stone Walls of the City in Age of Empires IV.

Buildings and fortifications made of wood can be easily destroyed with fire. Your army and even your workers are able to burn down all wooden buildings.

Stone structures are resistant to flames, so your units will not be able to destroy the stone walls and gates protecting the entrance to the city. You will need siege engines to break down the solid walls.

Battering Rams are siege machines used to smash and break through gates and walls - Age of Empires 4: Stone Walls - how to demolish?  - Age of Empires 4 Game Guide

Battering Rams are siege machines used to smash and breakthrough gates and walls. You will get access to them when your city enters the Feudal Age. Build Blacksmith and then buy Research Siege Engineering there.

By researching siege engines, you will unlock the possibility of constructing Battering Ram and Siege Tower.

Battering rams and other siege machines are slow military units, unable to attack armed enemies. They are only used to destroy fortifications and buildings or to storm defensive walls.