How to Buy, Sell, Modify, Combine, Merge or Enlarge Fields in FS22 Guide – Farming Simulator 22

This guide will show you how to buy, sell, modify, combine, merge or enlarge fields in FS22 video game, originally known as Farming Simulator 22.

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You can buy and sell fields by going through Farmland screen in Farming Simulator 22 video game.

Once you’ve opened the farmland screen in FS22 video game, there you will see all the details about fields such as which ones are yours and which ones you can buy plus if you’re short on investments, you can also sell your fields.

If you’re buying, please note – buy fields close to each other as that saves time while traveling with machinery and also look for trees because you need forestry equipment to get rid of them and that equipment is expensive.

Combining, Merging or Enlarging Fields in Farming Simulator 22

You will also have the ability to combine, merge or enlarge your fields if you have the possession or you own the close-by fields.

Please keep in mind that, the fields must not be separated by roads or some other infrastructure.

If the fields meet the above conditions, you can combine, merge or enlarge them by using Plow.

Once you’re using Plow, activate the “Create Fields” function of your Plow and start combining, merging or enlarging fields in Farming Simulator 22 video game.