Guide – Iviva Libertad Rifle, Unique Weapon Location Far Cry 6

This guide will show you how and where to find Iviva Libertad Rifle which is also one of the 49 Unique Weapons found in Far Cry 6 video game.

Iviva Liberted Rifle can be found in Cayo Seguro Peninsula (Cayo Seguro Peninsula) district of sub region Vencejo and Region Isla Santuario.

This Unique Weapon Rifle known as Iviva Libertad has the following special features and modifications from the start.

  1. Soft Target
  2. Laser Sight
  3. Extra Charge for Headshots

Go to the location marked in the map below to find this unique weapon Rifle known as Iviva Libertad.

Updated: Also Gosunoob has uploaded a video guide to find this Iviva Libertad Rifle in Far Cry 6 video game, so if you’re looking for a video game, please have a look below.

“Viva Libertad Unique Rifle Location | Far Cry 6 – Punto Norte Lighthouse in Prado Meadows guide shows you how to get this unique weapon rifle Viva Libertad! by looting a Yaran Contraband in Punto Norte Lighthouse. Timestamp: 00:00 Punto Norte…”

Gosunoob wrote via YouTube