GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition PS5 Game Sizes Comparison

We got to know the game data sizes of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on PS5. We also know how the games from this set compare to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox Series S/X.

Thanks to PlayStation Game Size we got to know the sizes of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition on PlayStation 5. We also know how the collection looks compared to the previous versions of these games.

In the latter case, the PS2 editions installed on the PlayStation 4 were used for comparison (these versions work on a newer console due to emulation, but in terms of content they are identical to the PS2 editions).

For comparison, we’ve also added the previously disclosed Xbox Series X / S release sizes to the table below.

GamePS2 SizePS5 SizeXbox Series S/X Size
GTA III1.57 GB5.29 GB8 GB
GTA Vice City2.39 GB10.77 GB14 GB
GTA San Andreas3.23 GB20.68 GB27 GB