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“Golden Slumber Genshin Impact. How to do Golden Slumber Genshin Impact quest. You can complete Genshin Impact Golden Slumber mission following this video guide.

Lost in the Sands:

00:00 1. Lost in the Sands Start

01:57 2. Follow the footprints and search for the archaeology team

04:08 3. Explore up ahead through the long corridor

09:11 4. Continue exploring

15:04 5. Continue investigating the ruins with Jeht

20:10 6. Continue exploring and open the door

23:08 7. Follow the direction of the wind to find the exit

An Introduction to Indoor Archaeology:

25:22 1. Go to the oasis

26:30 2. Go high up to look for Jebrael

30:13 3. Go to Khemenu Temple

32:36 4. Proceed deeper within Khemenu Temple

36:59 5. Explore the lower level of Khemenu Temple

38:31 6. Try to unlock the rooms located deep within

44:23 7. Enter the room located deep within

The Secret of Al-Ahmar:

46:33 1. Enter the secret passage behind the mural

47:56 2. Go to King Deshret’s Mausoleum

49:59 3. Continue exploring

50:47 4. Try to open the coffin 1/4

52:39 5. Try to open the coffin 2/4

54:08 6. Try to open the coffin 3/4

54:57 7. Try to open the coffin 4/4

56:28 8. Go to the highest floor of King Deshret’s Mausoleum

59:48 9. Find the members of the archaeology team

01:01:41 10. Find Benben

01:03:00 11. Proceed deeper within to find Benben

01:04:40 12 Defeat Samail and the Fatui

01:07:58 13. Proceed deeper within the ruins

01:14:43 14. Investigate the room located deep within

Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand:

01:16:37 1. Return to the oasis

01:19:11 2. Talk to Jebrael

01:22:57 3. Go to Khaj-Nisut

01:24:15 4. Search for Khaj-Nisut

01:26:31 5. Search for clues in the Eremites camp

01:27:40 6. Report back to Jebrael on the discovered clues

01:29:14 7. Pass the three trials 1/3

01:31:31 8. Pass the three trials 2/3

01:37:20 9. Pass the three trials 3/3

01:40:21 10. Enter Khaj-Nisut

01:42:35 11. Explore Khaj-Nisut’s lower floor

01:43:16 12. Activate the mechanism in the center of the hall

01:48:04 13. Go to Khaj-Nisut’s upper floor

01:48:59 14. Operate Prism of Khaj-Nisut and reach Khaj-Nisut’s floor

01:51:01 15. Defeat Samail’s subordinates

01:56:15 16. Escape from Khaj-Nisut

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed by miHoYo.”

WoW Quests wrote via YouTube

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