Gigabyte Announces Aorus ARGB 120mm and 140mm Fan Series

Gigabyte just announces the brand new AORUS ARGB Fans series. The Fans has 120mm and 140mm variants. The Fans will be sold as single-piece kits with the models GP-AR120RFAN and GP-AR140RFAN. It features eight ARGB LEDs that are located in the hub, inspire by the frosty-white impellers.

The new AORUS ARGB Fans have triangle-edge fan blades to maximize the axial airflow with the 15% lower noise.

The AORUS 120 ARGB Fan turns at speeds of 800 to 1,700 RPM, with airflow ranging between 18.52 to 40.85 CFM, pressure of 0.37 to 1.48 mm H₂O, and noise output of 7.3 to 28.6 dBA. Its sleeved bearing is rated for 73,500 hours.


The AORUS 140 ARGB Fan, on the other hand, does the same 800 to 1,700 RPM, but thanks to its larger impeller, puts out 30.3 to 60.64 CFM of airflow, 0.59 to 2.18 mm H₂O pressure, and 8.9 to 35.8 dBA noise output, with the same 73,500-hour bearing lifespan.

Both fans feature 4-pin PWM inputs for their main function and 3-pin ARGB for the lighting. GIGABYTE is backing both with 3-year warranties. The company didn’t reveal pricing.