Get Snowman Components and Build Puffy Snowman in Genshin Impact Guide

This guide will show you how to get the Snowman Components and build Puffy Snowman in Genshin Impact video game.

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Please note: Snowman Head, Snowman Nose, Snowman Scarf, Snowman Hands and Snowman Eyes are the components needed for building Puffy Snowman in Genshin Impact video game.

To get snowman components, you will have to play the Dragonspine Special Training in Genshin Impact video game.

You will find eight Tracker Training challenges on the map of Genshin Impact video game and once you start playing the tracker challenge – you will be required to melt ice in a Tracker Training, that will show you snowman components plus primogems and emblems.

Get scarlet quartz to activate these training challenges.

You can also get snowman components head by playing the Combat Training in the game.

You can also trade components with friends via Event page which is one of the easy ways to get the components you need.