Find TM34 Shock Wave in Pokemon BDSP – Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

This guide will show you how and where to find TM34 Shock Wave in Pokemon BDSP video game, originally known as Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl.

More details about this guide of finding TM34 Shock Wave in Pokemon BDSP, are written below, please have a look now.

To get TM34 Shock Wave in Pokemon BDSP, you will have to go to Veilstone City and from there head over to Pokemon Center, once you’re at the Pokemon Center, head over to left to route no 215.

Once you reach route 215 by going up few stairs, go straight and you will see some trees and a kind of zigzag path around trees, go around trees and you will see a set of two or three small trees.

Cut down that set of trees and grab the TM34 behind those trees by going down few stairs.

Good luck!

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