Find All Retro CD Locations Guide – FNAF Security Breach

Are you having trouble finding All Retro CD Locations in FNAF Security Breach? Well, we have found this guide which can be helpful with finding all the Retro CD Locations in FNAF Security Breach video game.

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“All Retro CD locations FNAF Security Breach. FNAF Security Breach all Retro CD. You can see where to find all Retro CD in FNAF Security Breach following this video.


00:00 – All Retro CD Locations
00:16 – Atrium
00:36 – West Atrium
01:12 – Kid’s Cove
01:46 – Chica’s Bakery
02:09 – Monty’s Gator Golf
02:27 – Rockstar Row
03:05 – Rockstar Row
03:49 – Rockstar Row Backstage
04:43 – Fazer Blast
05:12 – Roxy Raceway
05:51 – Glamrock Salon
06:16 – Mazercise
06:55 – West Arcade
07:23 – Bonnie Bowl
07:53 – Maintenance Tunnels
08:25 – Maintenance Tunnels
08:48 – How to play Retro CD”

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