Find All 5 Book Locations to Complete Collection Of Dragons And Snakes World Quest Guide – Genshin Impact

Are you trying to complete the Collection of Dragons and Snakes World Quest or looking for All 5 Book Locations to complete that quest in Genshin Impact video game? Well, we have found this guide which can be helpful with that.

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“In this guide we will show you the location of all 5 books needed to finish the “Collection Of Dragons & Snakes” world quest in Genshin Impact.


Quest Location 00:00

Book #1: Before Sun And Moon 00:24

Book #2: Hydrological Studies In Bykuyakoku 02:22

Book #3: The Serpent And Drakes Of Tokoyokoku 06:50

Book #4: A Puzzle Book For Children Of Ages Nine To Twelve 07:16

Book #5: Experimental Records Of The Bathysmal Vishaps 10:00

Rewards 11:45″

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