Find a Way Through Corn Mystery Maze Get Ingredient and Potion 287 Guide – Wacky Wizards

This guide is about Wacky Wizards video game and it will show you how you can get the new corn ingredient update and potion 287 by completing and finding your way through the corn mystery maze near the desert in Wacky Wizards video game, more details about this guide are written below.

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“Wacky Wizards How to Get Corn Ingredient Maze Update guide shows you how to complete and find a way through the corn mystery maze near the desert for the new update ingredient and potion number 287 – CandyCorn Arms.


00:00 Mystery Maze Location

00:54 Mystery Maze Solution Path

01:52 Corn Ingredient Location

02:28 Unlocking Corn Ingredient & Potion

03:38 Outro

Gosunoob wrote via YouTube

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