Far Cry 6 Guide – Esperanza, The Last One Out Treasure Hunt Quest

This guide will show you how to complete “The Last One Out” or “The Last One To Leave” Treasure Hunt Quest in Far Cry 6 video game, this Treasure Hunt or Quest can be found in Esperanza Region at Roja Bay district.

Go to the marked location in the map below at Roja Bay in Far Cry 6 to start this quest.

Once you are at the location marked above, there you will find a note on the metal part right next to one of the building’s door.

Start reading that note to begin this treasure hunt quest.

Now go to the Blue House which is located east of the quest gathering place, get inside the Blue House through the door, use te switch inside the building.

Now find another switch at the top of Metal Mast, you can get their by nearby roof.

The last switch which you can use can be found in the house which is located on the hill. Once you’re inside the house located on the hill through a broken door, there is a puzzle you need to solve. There are items which you have to use in correct order to open a secret passage.

  1. Turn on the Radio
  2. Now Turn on TV
  3. Turn the Picture hanging next to the bookcase
  4. Now use the switch to open the door and complete the tast

Now go back to the place from where you’ve started this mission, open the door and there is a chest awaiting you, check the chest and this is it. The mission is completed.

Good luck!