Deathloop All Pictogram Locations Guide

This guide will help you to find all Pictograms in Deathloop PC and PS5 versions. There is a total 4 Pictograms that can be collectible while searching Fia’s Fortress for the Afternoon Delight Quest.

The quest starts from Fristad Rock at Noon, its required story mission, the all Pictograms can be found inside the Fia’s Bunker.

All 4 Pictograms can be found randomly for every player. The Pictograms can be collected in the same locations, just through all of them to solve the impartial.

While finding the Pictograms, be careful not to alert Fia because she would activate the reactor to explode and this will finish your loop.

Just terminate her first stealthy then explore the bunker and collect all Pictograms, also watch the video below, if you need any help…