Chris Pratt is Mario and Anya Taylor-Joy is Princess Peach in Super Mario Movie

Updated: The cast for the Super Mario movie has been revealed, the movie is coming in 2022. Chris Pratt will be voicing Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy will be voicing Princess Peach, Charlie Day will be voicing Luigi, Jack Black will be playing Bowser and Seth Rogen will be Donkey Kong. Oh and there’s more to it. (Source: Kotaku)

After the cast announcement for the Super Mario movie coming in 2022, the internet became flooded with reactions, jokes and memes over casting choice. (Source: IGN)

Chris Pratt himself also reacted in an Instagram video “It’s ah me, ah Mario,” he said in that video.

Anya Taylor-Joy has also posted her picture as Princess Peach on her Instagram. “Here we gooooo” she wrote next to the photo.

The upcoming Untitled Super Mario movie will be an animated movie, produced by Illumination Studios in alliance with Nintendo and this movie is distributed by Universal Pictures, set for December 21, 2022 release date in the United States.