Age of Empires IV Guide – Basic Starting Tips and Tricks

This guide will help you to start the game, Age of Empires IV with basic starting tips and tricks. We have included a lot of useful information that will help you start your adventure smoothly.

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Protect your Settlements

Never leave your settlements unattended. When setting out to conquer, make sure that the city is protected by several groups of soldiers, positioned in places such as the main roads to the settlement or bridges.

When developing your cities, build protective walls and towers to protect buildings and inhabitants from enemy invasions.

Military units

Use your military units according to their purpose:

  • Soldiers such as spearmen and heavy infantry will be great for close combat;
  • Archers and crossbowmen should be kept at sufficient distance and protected by foot soldiers;
  • With cavalry you will quickly get rid of enemy units equipped with bows or crossbows. They can also catch up with the escaping survivors.


Scouts are the fastest horse units with many uses - Age of Empires 4: Starting tips - Age of Empires 4 game guide

Scouts are the fastest horse units that have many uses. Thanks to them, you can quickly discover the unexplored area around the settlement. They are also used to collect local sheep.

As soon as the scout approaches the sheep, a stripe in the color of your banner will appear on its body and will immediately start following it. You can select the sheep found in this way by holding down the left mouse button and ordering them to go to the village.

Although scouts are equipped with weapons, they are not suitable for the self-defense of the city. When going to conquer, always leave other military units behind to protect your cities.


Warriors and leaders have special skills - Age of Empires 4: Starting tips - Age of Empires 4 game guide

Warriors and leaders have special skills. As you develop your cities and advance to the next era, new abilities will be unlocked. You can check the current skills of your soldiers by clicking on the selected unit.

Special skills are extremely helpful. Familiarize yourself with all the abilities of your soldiers, skillful use of them will certainly help you win many battles.

Developing the Settlement

When expanding your settlement, you have to take care of the right number of resources. Hire locals to cut trees and slaughter game or sheep. Building farms will allow you to constantly produce food. Additional houses will increase the maximum number of residents that will be allowed to live in your settlement.

Check what materials will be needed to build Barracks to start supporting your army as soon as possible. New buildings will be unlocked after advancing your settlement to the next age.

You will be promoted to the next era by building special buildings (Landmarks), which usually require collecting a large number of various resources. Thanks to advancement, among others, Stable and the Archery Range.

Raw Materials Shortage

Resource deposits such as gold and stone are often far away from cities - Age of Empires 4: Starting tips - Age of Empires 4 game guide

Resource deposits such as gold and stone are often far from cities. You don’t have to build new settlements next to them or wait for your inhabitants to transport the extracted material to the nearest city seat. Build a Mining camp near the found mine, which will be used to store these resources.

Next to the forests, you can build Lumber Camps, and Mills will allow you to store food from nearby farms and animals.

Rally Point

Each building that produces military units has a so-called - Age of Empires 4: Starting tips - Age of Empires 4 game guide

Each building that produces military units has a so-called Rally Point, where the newly produced warrior will go. You can line up multiple collection points by holding down Shift. If for any reason the new unit is unable to go to the designated location, it will go to the next point.

When you’re getting ready to conquer or are just trying to take over an enemy city, set up rallies near the battlefield so your manufactured units will immediately power your army. If you want to protect your settlement, set up points by roads or on the outskirts of the city.